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Cas9 online designer (COD)

CRISPR Cas9 and other sequence-specific endonucleases are fundamental genome editors supporting gene knockout and gene therapy. A speedy and accurate computational allele designer is required for a high through-put gene mutagenesis pipeline using these new techniques. An automatic system, Cas9 online designer (COD), was created to screen Cas9 targets and off-targets, as well as to provide gene knockout and genotyping strategies. A gene knockout rat model was successfully created and genotyped under the direction of this online system confirming its ability to predict real targets and off-targets. Gene knockout strategies to mutate 72 rat cytochrome P450 genes were designed instantly by the system to demonstrate its high-throughput efficiency. Also, the system used an off-target scoring matrix which can be applied to any sequence-specific genome editing tools besides Cas9. The COD system ( has established a speedy, accurate, flexible and high through-put computational gene knockout pipeline supporting the sequence-specific endonuclease induced mutagenesis.

JIB Publications
  • Guo D, Li X, Zhu P, Feng Y, Yang J, Zheng Z, Yang W, Zhang E, Zhou S, Wang H. Online High-throughput Mutagenesis Designer Using Scoring Matrix of Sequence-specific Endonucleases.. J Integr Bioinform. 2015;12(1). doi 10.1515/jib-2015-283; PubMed 29220955