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The official bioinformatics tool list for the Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics (JIB).

All bioinformatics tools published in JIB are automatically added to with first authors having the ability to edit their entries and directly import the tools information to is a registry of bioinformatics tools published as articles in the Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics (JIB). What this means for you as a visitor, author or us as JIB is explained in more detail below.

For You

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For Authors

As a JIB publication author you have the immediate benefit of a entry for your tools and workflows at time of publication (once the publication is listed in PubMed). This includes the name and abstract of your publication. Following the initial entry release a curator will check for additional information in the publication such as a website URL and if a entry already exists and can be referenced. All authors are able to request access to their tool entries and can edit the information themselves. This includes adding beautiful images which best represent your tools.
If you have a website or repository such as GitHub we would love for you to link to your tool entry with a small Shield such as this one:


Below are code snippets for Markdown and Html to get your own Shield. Just replace the "<name>" and "<id>" with your respective values.

[![<name> on](<name>](<id>)

<a href="<id>" target="_blank"><img src="<name>" alt="<name> on"></a>


The Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics (JIB) focusses on bioinformatics tools, database portals, visualization, and integration methods. To improve the visibility and availability of such published tools the platform was created and is maintained by the journals editors and article authors. This additional service also serves as an encouragement for future authors to publish their tools and methods in JIB.