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Metagenomics provides quantitative measurements for microbial species over time. To obtain a global overview of an experiment and to explore the full potential of a given dataset, intuitive and interactive visualization tools are needed. Therefore, we established BioSankey to visualize microbial species in microbiome studies over time as a Sankey diagram. These diagrams are embedded into a project-specific webpage which depends only on JavaScript and Google API to allow searches of interesting species without requiring a web server or connection to a database. BioSankey is a valuable tool to visualize different data elements from single or dual RNA-seq datasets and additionally enables a straightforward exchange of results among collaboration partners.

JIB Publications
  • Platzer A, Polzin J, Rembart K, Han PP, Rauer D, Nussbaumer T. BioSankey: Visualization of Microbial Communities Over Time.. J Integr Bioinform. 2018;15(4). doi 10.1515/jib-2017-0063; PubMed 29897884